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  1. Hey guys, have had a bit of a break from the Peugeots this summer, as I picked up another Lotus recently. Very nice conditioned 1994 Esprit S4, purchased from a friend. I had considered another Esprit back in the fall, but thankfully it didn't work out or else this one would have been a tough acquisition. This is also a much better car than that one was. Very pleased with it so far...





  2. Yesterday was the car's reveal, on father's day at cars and coffee. Was a great feeling to finally drive this thing and feeling like it's actually done. Of course there is still some deferred maintenance to catch up on, but that's the easy part. My daughter was happy, and we can say another Peugeot has been saved from parts car status...




  3. Thanks guys, it was a lot of effort to get it to this point, but well worth it. A friend of mine joked that it was a labor of love, and I quickly replied that he should also consider the amount of hate involved as well…

    Jokes aside, as you all know, bringing a car from the state it was in to where it is now can be very consuming, especially when you’re trying to do everything correctly. Now onto some of the deferred maintenance items…

  4. Haven't done too deep of a dive, but all I can tell you is the car runs and drives well, and tracks straight as well. Once this cosmetic phase is complete, we will be doing a deeper dive into the mechanicals, including a timing belt, water pump, etc. You might be surprised to hear that the car is very solid underneath, just mostly surface rust in some areas, but no rot or holes anywhere. If there were, we would have addressed when we did all the trunk welding, etc.

  5. Tons more progress over the last few days. Got the car cleaned up and then undercoated all the areas that were metal patched (plus a sizeable area beyond), including the inner trunk area as well as the wheel wells. Then got all new stainless hardware (with tons of grease for future removal needs) to re-attach the bumper support, plus repair and mount the reverse light housings. Today I ran the wiring loom for the reverse lights and rear side marker lights. Tail lights and center panel next...






  6. Gentlemen, the car is back home as of yesterday, and I'm very pleased with how it came out. Paint match is great, and it should last a very long time, lots of metal replacement involved here, finished off with waterproof duraglass. I spent the rest of the day cleaning it up and am now preparing for re-assembly, hopefully this coming week...








  7. Big week, the red car is in the body shop and work is well underway. They should have it for a couple weeks, before it returns home for cleaning and re-assembly. Lots of areas that will be cut out for new metal to go in, but they aren't too bad, mostly small areas, even the body shop felt good about it once the stripping down began. It has to get uglier before it gets better...






  8. More or less the entire rear of the car is getting repainted, where the rear 1/4 panels were seamed, all of the body work is starting to show through, so they are taking it down to bare metal and fixing everything properly and then repainting. My friend and I did all the structural stuff on the inside, so that is now complete. Basically restoring a car that I thought was going to be nothing more than a parts car...

  9. Man, this place has been quiet lately...

    Took the SW for it's maiden drive of the season yesterday (for added fun, we crossed 132K miles) after much deferred maintenance and all new fluids over the winter. Ran flawlessly, very pleased with where this car is at. Just awaiting some minor paintwork this summer and that will be all for this car other than routine maintenance...






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