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  1. Has anyone purchased and tired of "Otto's" Peugeot 505 Sedan model scale 1:18? I am looking for one to help complete my collection of previous owned Automobiles. Reasonable offers to sell ( including overseas shipping ) would be considered as they were over priced and deliberately made scarce from the beginning. email me if interested. Peter Mcgarvey [email protected]
  2. I discovered a set of Peugeot 505 Rear Brake Parts Kit, includes all replaceable parts when installing rear brake pads; Does not include rear brake pads It will fit all 505 Models with Rear disc brakes, including STX, STI and D & SD models Total price will include shipping at $ 5.95, make offer anywhere above shipping costs: Feel free to contact me offline @ [email protected]
  3. In clearing out the garage and basement, I discovered a few Peugeot 505 items at interest. Wrench from 505 S TD fits crankcase drain plug and gearbox ( BA10-5 ) drain and fill plug Front or rear window glass chrome clips for corners or straight trim I can ship via USPS flat rate @ $ 5.95 & whatever strikes you as it's worth Peter Mcgarvey ex: 505 S TD 5 speed,1982 & 505 STI V-6 5 Speed, 1987 [email protected]
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