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  1. I'm new to this forum, but I want to know some opinions. So my grandparents have an old 1989 Peugeuot 405 DL sedan sitting in their backyard. I think it's been sitting for about 15 years. The battery was taken out. So at least there isn't a corroded battery. But weather took its toll and the rear windshield is busted, so the seats in the back are kind of moldy. Speakers are for sure shot in the back. The paint is faded alot. The engine is fairly clean, not sure if anything is living in it besides a snake. Yeah that snake gave me a scare one time. But I haven't seen it in a while just its shredded skin. It's got coolant in it, oil surprisingly looks ok, needs changing for sure but I dont know. I might post pictures of it tomorrow. But I think it's a really unique car and my grandma is looking to get rid of it, which I'm thinking is going to be straight to a junk yard. So I was thinking if it worth it to save it. Maybe use it as a daily driver. I found this forum so I thought if someone might know it'll be here. So let me know your thoughts and ideas. If you need more information I can provide it. Thanks!
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