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  1. Glad to see the re-entry of Peugeot to the US someday. They look good. Just my opinion but, it seems all the new car designs are really just redesigned Bumper Covers and Lights. If you can envision removing these items from a car they all look very similar. I would like to see the French come up with a stand alone look like they did in the past. Interior options are now boring and every manufacturer has it covered. As for the interior style and options, other than the initial purchase and to show your neighbor, its no big deal any more. Is it possible they are just running out of ideas ? An
  2. I have a 1970 304 that is working but fragile condition with original exterior and interior. It was purchased in Paris several years ago and driven less than 500 miles since. Its a 4 door column shift, and front wheel drive. thanks if interested.
  3. I have some head lights and tail lights with misc. other 505 , 1981>1988 parts.
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