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  1. Hi everyone! Just came across this post as I was searching for a wiring diagram for the E.C.U pinouts for the ZP J engine as I have a similar project am working on, A 1976 Peugeot 604 which had a smoking ZM 140 engine. That's the odd fire, 2.8 Liter with Bosch Mechanical fuel injection. I took the aluminum section of the ZM sump and swooped it with the ZP J engine so that the engine bolts onto the bell housing straight away and the engine mounts bolt onto the cross member straight away. For the exhausts, I used the existing exhausts manifold which was also a straight fit. The exhaust manifolds are the same ones used in the 505 V6, Volvos 264 /760. The ones of the older 604's are restrictive to exhaust gas flow as well as starter motor removal and installation. As for the cooling system, I swooped the ZP J water pump with the one from the ZM 140/ZN 3J so that the engine could still run with the engine driven fan-i like the sound of it. The radiator is off a Volvo 264-the Peugeot ones are a little bit tiny and let the car run hotter than should be in many tropical areas. The top cover on left side of the engine when facing the engine will be replaced with that from the ZM/ZN engine as it has air con mounts that are interfering with the brake booster. The challenge ahead now is to find a ZP J efi wiring harness or diagram showing the ECU pinouts I rebuild mine as its badly damaged. Anyone with a diagram perhaps? Much appreciated!
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