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  1. Hi guys, finally my 505 Turbo is here, due to corona I had to wait some extra time.... First I want to fix all the small things starting with the gauge cluster lightening. I found out that all the bulbs are not working any more so I ordered some T10 LEDs. Now my questions is, which of the plugs of the gauge cluster includes the background light of the cluster? I want to check if all the LEDs are mounted in the right position before reinstalling the cluster. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Very helpful thread! I read it carefully so far but I coudn't find any information regarding the material Keebs used for his exhaust manifold. Could it be 1.4828? Then, my plan until now is to use Wiseco Pistons with 92,5mm diameter. They are available in france. Then I read the 2JZ rods will fit. I guess h-beam will be enough. Is there any modification necessary if I want to use them? Thanks in advance!
  3. That's right. You can get about 380HP with 500NM of torque (sorry for metrical sizes...) with some easy mods like walbro 255, 3'' exhaust system and a good mapping. The EVO IX stock turbo is not too bad. Driving this is a lot of fun. If you want more power you will have to reinforce rods, change the transmission to 5 speed, clutch and so on. Most of the guys I know prefer a not so big turbo like FP green, Ross or Owen. Then you can get between 450 to 500HP but with a lot of torque and, like Rabin said with a wider power band starting at 3000RPM. Instead of adding more power to the motor it makes more sense to improve suspension and brakes to get a even better overall handling.
  4. Thanks a lot guys! I'm sure I will have a lot of technical questions during the next time. So the 505 still has some issues like the tachometer, boost gauge and fuel gauge doesn't work and the roof makes a lot of noise while moving. So first of all I will fix all this. This will happen during spring next year. Until then the car will stay in a hall during winter about 100km from my home. But I will start collecting information and parts and then I want to start working on the second motor. Here is one more picture from the inside. This also looks still very good. I'm very happy because this car is very rare in Germany and the few which are available from time to time mostly are in a bad condition. @my3AWDgst: Of course I like AWD as well, especially when it's fired by a 4g63 :-)
  5. Puhh, do you think so? I have one in my EVO IX and I can say there are more modifications necessaray to build an engine that lasts longer than 1/4 mile.....
  6. Hi guys, I'm from Germany and finally I bought a 1987 505 Turbo. Attached you can see the beauty. I also got a second motor for this one. This car is running as a historical car in Germany so I should keep it stock or at least the modifications should be done with parts from around 87. So for this reason I will leave the outside like it is, maybe a litte lowering. But, since my other car is a modified Mitsubishi EVO IX this one should become some more power as well. My plan is to build up the block with forged rods and pistons, to optimize the head and to build a custom header to fit a bigger turbo. To keep it stock, at least the look, I want to keep the Jetronic for idle and half load. For more I want to install additional injectors and an additional injector controller. Does anyone here have a setup like this? Can someone tell me how much torque the drivetrain can handle? Are there any limits for gearbox and so on? Regards
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