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  1. Hi do you still have parts for sale? I just aquired an 81 505 turbo diesel the entire bottom center console is missing for 1 but I may be interested in various spares you have for this model I am in Idaho. Arty
  2. Hi I may need a turbo diesel injection pump. Any ideas?
  3. It appears I need to replace my diaphragm Where can I obtain 1?
  4. So the solenoid clicks but having eliminated all fuel lines using a bottle filled with diesel right to the pump and cranking it and cracking the lines the squirt seems to be very weak and no start. I did see the level go down a bit so the pump did pick up oil. is there anything i am missing other than the pump not working?
  5. I suspect the fuel cutoff solenoid may be bad. The glow plugs are good as a matter of fact they where replaced and the old ones where in the glove box and where good. I cleaned the injectors and they pop tested fine with a nice spray, the compression was close to 400 in each cyl but when cranking a bunch of fuel blew out so I thought for sure it was flooded bur when I bled the injectors barely any fluid squirted out. I looked at the lines and saw no evidence of leakage but I never listened to hear if the solenoid was clicking. When I thought of it last night the battery was dead as I left it in the on position . I need a new cyl lock as a key is broke off in it. In hoping it is that simple.
  6. I was lucky enough that I found a 505 in a wrecking yard, but It refuses to start. I need to know what a good compression reading should be.
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