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  1. That would certainly be a long haul to get to the west coast. Yes it is unfortunate it is beyond a cost effective repair.
  2. Sad to say it is off to wreckers early next week. Final call for any interest in it.
  3. I have not thought of that and is a good suggestion. I think it would be wise for me to go the other way though. If anyone in Arizona Nevada, California etc wants it, let me know. Not sure what the border restrictions would be. Kiwis are certainly a nation of DIYers but I was a transplant for 5 years. I wasn't fully assimilated into DIY especially mechanically . Willing to try but should probably start with something less challenging.
  4. ok, a brick doesn't have to hit me in the head. Been to 5 locations to see if they could restore the frame. 3 said no and 2 said, how much do you love the car. It is less about what you can see and more about what you can't see. Hugh risk that once you start chipping away at the frame it may just keep going and the dollars keep piling up. So as much as it pains me to do this, I am calling a halt to attempts to restore the car. It needs someone able to do the work on their own (or spare cash lying around to pay someone $80/hr) . I don't have the tools, facility or experience to tackle thi
  5. I bought the car new back in '91. I liked its performance and the fact that it was not a car you would see very often. I lived in New Zealand in the late 2000s early 2010s for 5 years and came very close to buying an Mi16 there. I was prepared to put some $$$s into it to bring it back to its useful glory knowing that it would not be an investment. Although I was hoping the frame would be in relatively good shape since it was under cover all those years. I guess the humidity and fluctuating temperatures would not be deterred by cover. I am thinking of taking it to a body shop for an estimate an
  6. Mike T. Serial # NF3FB113XMS518796
  7. Well this could be a short project. Finally got it up on to a hoist and frame looks pretty bad. Open to any suggestions
  8. Thanks Goce. Pics should be soon (possibly tomorrow).
  9. just starting to think about what's needed to refurbish my 91 Mi16 that has been sitting for 15 years. Having previously experienced a broken timing belt, I would like to start off with a brand new one. Is this a new timing belt? If so I would like to start my collection of parts with that. Assume it can be shipped to Canada. Since this is my first - how do I cover the shipping?
  10. I originally purchased new a 91 Mi16. In '99 my brother took ownership as I bought a new car and he needed a car. For numerous reasons the car sat idle in his garage for the last 15 years. I always liked the car and it was sad seeing the car sit there so I decided to bring it back home and try to get it road worthy again. The current plan is to tow the car to a mechanic who used to work on Peugeots so he can itemize what needs to be done. My experience maintaining cars myself is limited but willing to try with the help of this great forum. Lots of very pertinent information here. Once I have t
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