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  1. '88 wagon is back on the road as of Friday. Put about 150 miles on her. Running, driving and STOPPING just fine. One of the brand new NAPA flex lines I bought was bad and possibly the first new master cylinder. I went to our local hydraulic hose supplier on my lunch hour and had them build three flex steel lines and threw the NAPA garbage away. Installed a second master from Rock Auto. Looked liked fresh stock. Nice clean Beck Arnley box. Definitely not sitting on a shelf for 20+ years. Lot's a deferred maintenance taken care of. The body and interior are in very nice shape. Original pain
  2. That's cool you like all cars. I do as well. Awesome story about Stig and Pike's Peak. What a experience of a lifetime! My dream would have been to crew for Michele Mouton when she ran the hill and pissed off the Unsers. The eye candy would have been an added bonus I regularly attend the STPR here in PA. Good times. Sent you a couple emails with pics and stories of my cars. Ok, my other cars over the years. In no particular order. Laforza (2), NSU (7), Goggomobil (2), Yugo, (3), '04 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo, Borgward Isabella, Lloyd Alexander, Subaru 360 van, IH Scouts (10+), Dod
  3. Rabin - Thanks again for your help. Most appreciated! We do collision work for one of the local Audi dealers and one of their techs had a run of 505's and a lone 404. He offered to help me out with the car since it's now in my warehouse and out of Tim's hair. Oh, for sure Tim is a good mechanic. ASE Master certified. We use him on occasion when we are slammed. Which we are right now. Crash season is not until October and we are still booked out until early August with 7 DRP's and customer pays. But I'm not complaining! LOL on your comment on getting a set of tools (reminded me o
  4. Hi Rabin - I can verify 100% certain both front brakes are binding/hanging/braking. I do not know if Tim bench bled the MC. I will ask him. I do know both times he bled the brakes he used a power bleeder. We put on new rubber brake lines as part of the brake service. I had a spongy pedal before this all started. A very bad pedal but the car still stopped. Brian Holm identified that the master cylinder (which was newish) was wrong and was for a sedan. Then Tim found a weeping LR wheel cylinder which was replaced. As mentioned when those parts were installed I had a *perfect*
  5. Rabin - I pulled the vacuum line off the booster (left the hose attached to the air box) and plugged it will a bolt and tightened it with a #4 hose clamp. Took it for a test run and the brakes started hanging up again. My quick fix is to pull up on the e-brake which immediately reduces the drag but the problem eventually comes back. Do you think it could be the proportioning valve acting? I heard they can get funky being so old and to replace them with a "T" to bypass the prop valve's function. My tech says that the prop valve controls the rear brakes only. I think he may be wrong.
  6. Thanks so much Rabin. Will try your suggestion this weekend and report back how it works out.
  7. Hello - Greetings. New member here. Some quick background: Purchased my first Peugeot from a French car enthusiast in TN and recently had my mechanic sort the car (complete tune-up/timing belt/valve adjustment/LR wheel cylinder/master cylinder/etc.). It is a 1988 505 DL wagon according the window sticker but says GL on the rear door and came with a GL supplement with the owner's manual. Normally aspirated. Automatic transmission. Original paint. No rust. 164K miles. Excellent original interior. Stacks of receipts. Lot's to like. Here is the issue and we are lost.... When
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