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  1. With mehanical fuel injection and from another pic i have it has a dry sump oil system on it too ☺
  2. Imagine how this beast went with its 270 naturally aspirated horse power motor ....im doing research on it but cant find out how sucessfull it was or any video footage of how it went
  3. Hi rabin thatd be fantastic just a stock camshaft ....mines missing so to get it up and running a stock one will be fine ☺☺ how much and do you have paypal ?
  4. Hi all im from the uk and im after a camshaft for a 2.2 turbo n9te engine .....i know i could get one from politechnic but its a little out of my price range at this moment in time... does anyone know of a cheaper supplier ....or i dont mind one from any of the other vehicles that use this motor Chrysler 180/2ltr.. talbot tagora or matra murena ....cheers rich
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