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  1. Sorry, I sold the car a few months back. I should pull down the post....thanks!
  2. The 4 speed auto makes this an excellent highway car! 2.0 gas, car is in great condition all around for its age. A/C blows cold, everything works (except sunroof of course) Car loves to cruise all day on the highway. This car is ready for a cross country trek right now. I am the second owner. Go to baltimore craigslist for lots of pics and more info! This is one of the nicest examples of a 505 I have seen in quite a while in this price range. $2500.00
  3. Name: Peugeot 505 S Category: North America Date Added: 2017-07-09 Submitter: Eric Schwelling   Peugeot 505 S  
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