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  1. what color is the 89 SW8 wagon ? Is there any rust on it ? what is the condition of paint/body ?
  2. Hello, Interested. Please give me a call when you can. 408-823-2744 . Kind regards, Ivan
  3. Rabin, Sorry I am in CA, SF bay area. OK thank you. Please let me know if the car becomes available and or others that possibly come up.
  4. Hello, Thank you. Yes I am a third gen RX-7 guy also a BMW guy as well. Well I am open to different prices depending on condition. I do value cars that are rust free and have original paint over cars that are in perfect mechanical shape as this is something that I can take care of. Do you have the details and contact on the 91 N9T SW8 wagon?
  5. Looking for a decent 89 and newer 505. If its a sedan it must be turbo, wagon can be either. Mechanical issues OK, want a rust free vehicle Thanks in advance
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