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  1. This is looking good Mike. Nice job ! No bugs on your teeth and no sun in your eyes. Just a rear view mirror so you know who's behind and the engine to keep them there.
  2. Everything coming together. Headliner is looking very nice Mike.
  3. Very nice job on the sill trims Mike, looks great. The door panel looks fantastic. A very professional job. No longer an amateur.
  4. From France, Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands and the UK. WOW! It is truly a global effort in restoration. Can't wait to see. Looking good Mike. 😊
  5. If a car had feelings, it would feel like finally getting dressed again.(404 error) My wife always said she feels naked without her earrings on.🤣 Looking good Mike !
  6. Perfect match now. looks good. Will you be resetting the odometer to zeros or match with current?
  7. Mike, She is starting to smile again. Looking very nice ! Okalla Prison, in Burnaby many years ago (1971) did research on that, and came to the same conclusion you did.
  8. All these chrome and silver parts look amazing and deserve a gold award. The big blue part back on the floor of your garage is deserving to have all these pieces attached to it, and together will make your 404C in the very top of its class. The amount of detail to the entire process of this restoration project is second to none. The cooperation from your most important team partner in the project is just above and beyond when you can freely place bumpers, grill, tail lights and all kinds of fasteners and cables on your dining room table to photograph and share with the rest of the Peugeot world. Mike and Sandra, thanks for sharing as well all the time it takes to prepare what you are sharing with all of us. I hope that you did not need to eat breakfast in the garage this morning but if you did, thats not all bad. Cheers, H
  9. Wow, thats to bad Mike. You were so looking forward to having it back at your place. At least it won't be dirty from the way home on a flat deck. Hoping for a sunny day then after your back. Keep smiling...it will get there. Have a great trip.
  10. That is just a FANTASTIC job for what will result in the best Peugeot worldwide. I am happy that the car is not in a body shop this weekend in South Florida. btw.......now that the car is outside in the natural light, colour is spot on with the colour chip.
  11. A whole lot darker than when I saw it leave the driveway 50 years ago but I very much like that colour. Its looking great !
  12. Its looking very nice Mike. Looking forward to seeing it with the paint on. A little rust proofing for that age never hurts. On the car too ! Cheers
  13. I am amazed at the steps taken and work progress on Update 1. You certainly chose an excellent partner in your restoration project. Looking forward to actually seeing the finished project.
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