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  1. sorry to hear you're selling the car bryan. the only thing to add: the cylinder head on that car has over $1,000 invested between the race valve grind, and a good deal professional porting / flow bench work.
  2. doing some house cleaning and came upon a few sets of rear 89 tail lights which are now on ebay if anyone is interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200735747384?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1156 they will fit < 1989 model 505's with some modifications (plug plus some minor cutting/drilling).
  3. I won't be racing the 505 -- just having fun with it for a test day at Portland Raceway. Usually I race SCCA though (ITS) with a VW Corrado. today was an unbelievable mess trying to get the car ready for tomorrow... constantly chasing down one issue. once fixed - something else popped up. the last thing that went was one of the brake lights. all the other lights work, but the only lights i need -- one stops working. ended up being a hairline crack in the pcb.... shit like that, all day long. OH, and I flushed the system with ATE superblue last week -- the line from the brake master revisor to the clutch master disintegrated (really old and cracking) -- so that's how i started my day. I'm hoping it's not eating away at other lines as we speak... ugh. car is on the trailer - wish me luck for tomorrow.
  4. how i wish michelin still made the xgt v4 in 205/60 -- that was the best tire i've ever run on a 505. ever. i scrounged up some 205/50's that came with my race car that i'll be using at the track this weekend (Kumho Victoracer V700's - treadwear = 50). had them mounted and installed today... sidewalls look tiny! car is lowered, and it looks like its on stilts. we'll see how it works.. 205/50 definitely doesn't seem optimal, but there are sooooo many available badass tires in this size -- read: spec miata :/ of course - if Peugeot master Victor was on this thread he'd go on about how everyone went UP in tires size in the 80's when racing 505's, not down. 215/65 if i remember right... then again, that'd never work on a car equipped with ABS due to front strut clearance.
  5. what was the end result on this topic? did you get pricing / availability?
  6. no, actually getting involved again -- which is why i've been on the forums..
  7. the project car is running, and currently being prepared for it's debut on the track this sunday. need to do some final a/f ratio adjustments (currently running 10.9-11.0:1 w/50/50 race gas & pump), and some other small stuff but other than that it's pretty much done. as far as the pin-out discussion -- the pins in the tail light are fat and narrow, so jerry rigging something is going to be a bitch. however, if i can get the plug, i might take you up on your offer to report back with what wire does what.. rob can you elaborate? where is this yard? is it close to you?
  8. looking to install some 89 sedan tail lights in my 86 turbo -- looking for the 89 style tail light plug plus a little bit of wiring I can splice into. anyone have a spare, or an easy work around?
  9. looking for a passenger side mirror. please pm me if you have a spare you'd be willing to part with.
  10. selling an extra set of euro lamps -- not in the best shape, but no cracks, and are fully functional with bulbs, and two of the little white ball/socket clips (which are removable from another setup of lights). some pitting in the glass, and one of the bulb holders is a "custom" unit, but it does work. $50 for the pair.
  11. thanks VM. second chance offer fell through, but I have another sale pending now..
  12. Second chance offer went to someone in southern california. hopefully he takes it..
  13. auction ended last night for 2800. even worse, the high bidder was from algeria. extending a second chance offer to the next highest bidder (2755). ugh.
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