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  1. Hi Bean, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply, you certainly did address almost every question I posed! I have never posted prior to this, but I have regularly visited the forums and read numerous threads over several years. If I remember correctly, you do have experience with race cars, which I certainly do not, and thus I would best require specific brand and model recommendations to have confidence and then hopefully success. Would you possibly venture a (wild, or ballpark) parts price guess as to incorporating a standalone ECU, hybrid turbocharger, modified exhaust manifold
  2. Hello All, I hope to introduce myself a little and ask for some advice/suggestions regarding my 1986 505 Turbo Wagon, which I have owned since 1996, but parked since 2006 due to a thought to be cracked cylinder head. I enjoyed driving this wagon as a daily driver quite a bit during the first 10 years until a very hot summer afternoon when I got stuck in a giant interstate highway traffic jam for a very lengthy time. Although the temperature gauge never entered the overheat range, still it did reach high into the normal range (even with turning-off the air conditioning, and instead running
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