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  1. Hi Bean, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply, you certainly did address almost every question I posed! I have never posted prior to this, but I have regularly visited the forums and read numerous threads over several years. If I remember correctly, you do have experience with race cars, which I certainly do not, and thus I would best require specific brand and model recommendations to have confidence and then hopefully success. Would you possibly venture a (wild, or ballpark) parts price guess as to incorporating a standalone ECU, hybrid turbocharger, modified exhaust manifold, a bigger set of injectors and fuel pump, and stronger U-joint? If possibly so, I could contact Eriksson Industries for a quote, to then have a little understanding of what it might cost in parts if I was to go forward with serious changes. I would like to ask again if a cylinder head gasket, or engine overhaul gasket set with the head gasket, is reasonably available, if you should know? Thanks Again, Joe
  2. Hello All, I hope to introduce myself a little and ask for some advice/suggestions regarding my 1986 505 Turbo Wagon, which I have owned since 1996, but parked since 2006 due to a thought to be cracked cylinder head. I enjoyed driving this wagon as a daily driver quite a bit during the first 10 years until a very hot summer afternoon when I got stuck in a giant interstate highway traffic jam for a very lengthy time. Although the temperature gauge never entered the overheat range, still it did reach high into the normal range (even with turning-off the air conditioning, and instead running the heater on the highest fan speed). The car was (once) still driveable, but it was obvious that a little coolant was present in the exhaust, so I parked it assuming that I would eventually repair the N9T (I also do have a complete spare N9T engine), or possibly swap to a Peugeot V6 engine with an at one time hopeful purchase of a donor STX sedan. Until of very recent, my finances have prevented any repairs, but I am now trying to decide/hopefully plan what to do. After reading through both threads "89 PRV wagon projects" and "Another V6 Wagon is born", besides the need to purchase a 505 STX, I presently do not see me having the very long time large indoor work space seemingly required to devote to a successful completion. Questions seeking advice: Does the Danielson cylinder head resolve the cylinder head cracking issue, or Is there another cylinder head which does not have the apparent design/construction flaw where a cracked head is eventually inevitable? Or what cooling system changes might be made to greatly prevent future head cracking? Is an overhaul gasket set or cylinder head gasket reasonably available? If retaining a N9T engine, what can reasonably be done to significantly reduce the turbo lag, the most unfavorable issue I have with the stock arrangement, and preferably a 20% to 50% increase in horsepower and still retain a pleasant engine to daily/pleasure drive with? I do have a factory trailer hitch which I have never installed, and I would like to consider occasionally to tow a boat, but I have long thought that the lag would be a serious issue when retrieving a boat from even a low angle launching ramp. Will the automatic transmission (ZF 4HP22, I remember correctly) hold-up with a torque/horsepower increase, or are there recommended upgrades to do so (I previously have successfully totally rebuilt an automatic transmission)? The plastic automatic transmission shifter has cracked badly (UV damage apparently), any recommended current sources for a quality replacement? My windshield was seriously cracked long ago when windshield's were then readily available, but a new windshield gasket could not be easily located. I eventually did later purchase a new windshield gasket, but then new windshields were seemingly not available anymore. Any recommended current sources for a new or nice used windshield? If I should rather decide to sell my wagon, and a long-owned 1989 405S I also have (automatic transmission needed/needs an overhaul when I acquired it), is there a recommended market such that I am not selling each car for "scrap pricing"? In reality, this likely will be far too costly to be practical for a new replacement "billet" cylinder head, this firm has my interest to at least contact them. Here is a press release I received in the past 12 months: "Mast Motorsports New Race Cylinder Head Services Division" Darin Morgan will head up Mast’s Race Cylinder Head Services division, which will operate out of a sprawling 22,000 square-foot facility in Nacogdoches, TX. Although the Mast brand has always been associated with the GM LS platform, Morgan will tap into his broad base of experience to provide cylinder head solutions for all engine platforms including Chevys, Fords and Mopars as well as imports and exotics. “At Mast, I’ll be able to continue doing what I’ve always done but with far greater resources than ever before,” Morgan stated. “The LS platform is taking off by leaps and bounds, but as a custom shop, we will provide cylinder head services for all types of engines. I enjoy restoring the cylinder heads and intake manifolds for collector cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Jaguars, horseless carriages and everything in between. It takes a lot of trust to send someone these ancient and super rare engine parts, but they know when they get them back they’ll be perfect.” Thank You In Advance, Joe in Atlanta, Georgia
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