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  1. Someone bought it and its on its way back to France. Low miles and good shape over all I guess made it appealing. I would like a 403 again someday...
  2. Well, the engine lasted one week before the oil came out. So I am giving this away for free. It will go to the crusher in a couple of weeks as I don't want to haul it home. Its too bad, its a low mile car, and basically new. The 2.3 must not be a very good engine, this is my first time with that engine. About 130,000 original miles. Let me know if you want it.
  3. So, it was an engine failure, large amounts of fuel in the crankcase and the main bearing failure on #1. It has an older but better 2.3 engine, took the shop a couple months to make it work, machined flywheel etc. Supposed to pick it up this week. Undercarriage got a complete overhaul as well, new bushings etc. Last thing to do will be to replace the steering rack, as the boots are gone and it leaks, so perhaps in April I will get that done. Came to $6100.00. Still cheaper than the '15 BMW Diesel sedan I had my eye on.
  4. Driving to work one day, there was a ton of racket coming from the engine. I stopped it, and when I started it again, it ran for a while, then a sudden stop. When I tried to start it again, the starter could not move the engine. Cylinder 1 was flooded full of fuel. I had all the injectors rebuilt, and cleared out the cylinders of all fuel by removing the glowplugs, they appeared clear and just a fine vapor was coming out, everything seemed great. The car started just fine, no extra noise or anything, then suddenly quit after about 45 seconds. The starter did the same thing again wher
  5. Yesterday morning, one of the injectors failed and filled up the first cylinder with fuel. I was able to make it home, and when I got back from work, tried to start the car. It started but smoked a lot, then quit, as the first cylinder hydro-locked. Pulled the injectors out today, I am hoping this is the last of the biodiesel problems. The rubber was all eaten up, so I am not certain what the insides will be like. When the car was running it was running rough, but did not sound like a bent rod or anything so here's to hoping it fixes this problem!
  6. I took out the diaphram, and there was a hole in it. I saw where the rubber was falling apart as well and used gorilla super glue to bind and strengthen it. It appears to be working just fine now! I sent a friend of mine a request who is a flight attendant to get me a new kit next time he goes to Europe...
  7. Is this a good fit to replace what is there on the 505? http://www.jmesales.com/product/racor-4125-6125-high-flow-diesel-fuel-filterwater-separators,13755,8485.htm
  8. If you could post a link to one on ebay, that would be great. I guess I don't know what they are called and all my searches online even haven't turned up anything. Thank you
  9. Too soon to celebrate. I was driving Wednesday night, and got about five miles from home, and the car lost power. It would stall out, and then it would restart ok, sorta, it took a lot of cranking, and then i could drive a bit, stall, etc. I replaced the fuel filter, it was very old, and blew out the fuel lines. I am thinking the primer button is the problem, as fuel sometimes comes out around the button when I pressed it. I had a 505 with the 2.5 about 15 years ago, and I remember that the rubber disk inside was melted looking from sitting, I cannot imagine what biodiesel might have
  10. I would be interested in getting a 403 and a 604 diesel. My first Peugeot was a 1958 403 (one of the first three that came in the USA according to the Peugeot Museum) that sat in a driveway at a house all the time while I was growing up. When the old man died, I was able to purchase it. I have also owned a 404, 504, 505, and even a 204 that a French professor imported in the late 1960's to Moscow, Idaho (see attached photo)! I found it on craigslist in a junk yard, and offered the guy to buy it, I think its somewhere down south now! Let me know!
  11. My car is on the road again! Botzon's in Spokane Valley, WA did an excellent job of redoing and timing the pump to the car. The steering rack is leaking, so I will need to find a replacement one, but I am good to go again. I highly recommend them!
  12. I found a place in LaCrosse, WA that will do it for me, but they are asking for the extra tools for the valves etc to set it correctly. Does anyone have any that I can rent/borrow and return, or know where I can get them? I can see them in my shop manual from Peugeot if you need a number.
  13. It does fire, it ran just fine before I took it out and messed with it. I just had the pump redone with its seals etc. There are no fuel leaks etc. I am at 99105... Thanks
  14. It is all back together properly. I know it is getting fuel, it was running just fine with too high of an idle. And it wants to start. I have mentioned it is the same IDI as VW has, but no one is interesting in working on it.
  15. I took the bronze throttle off to try to adjust the low idle screw, then realized I could not get the bronze parts back on. So I took the pump off so I could put that all back together. Now when I try to start it, it just cranks over, and if I put the throttle to the floor, it acts like it wants to start. Its just sitting in the garage. No one wants to work on it either in Spokane or the Tri-Cities, not even the "European" motor works (one told me it means German only!). So it will sit. I really don't know what else to do.
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