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  1. I have for sale a set of four wheel adpaters if you want to run larger rims on your 505... High quality adapters in very good shape, these were used to run 5x114.3 - 17x8 ET53 Subaru STI rims on my 505 Turbo. $300 firm for the set, they are located in SE CT.
  2. Yeah, I'd say the V70R is my second favorite car I ever owned, behind the '80 504D manual wagon I had for several years. I will miss mine when it's gone but will plan on keeping it for another couple of years likely. Like you, I've done whatever was needed and used OEM or OEM quality parts. I won't miss the turning circle or the slightly "crashy" ride, but it is such a great car to drive...
  3. Hi Rabin, Yes, that is the car from the BaT listing... Fingers crossed, but it may be sold. I have an '05 V70R, automatic. Was looking for the manual, but too hard to find. I see nice ones are getting quite expensive on BaT.
  4. I am selling my 1987 505 Turbo 5 speed, as I purchased Keebs' '86 505 Turbo last year. With Covid restrictions, it has been sitting down in my brother's driveway in Uncasville, CT and it is now time for me to put the 87 up for sale. I'll be driving the 87 down to SE CT and it can be picked up or shipped from there. This is a US market car that I bought on BringATrailer back in 2016. Here is a link to an ad I just put up on Craigslist, with some further details. If you are interested, PM me. Thanks! https://newlondon.craigslist.org/cto/d/uncasville-1987-peugeot-505-turbo/7371493452.html
  5. We're all pulling for you, Mike! Best of luck on this next (last!) go around!
  6. Here are the heater electrical diagrams from the 86 505 workshop manuals... I hope they get you where you need to go! Heater Page 1.PDF Heater Page 2.PDF
  7. Cool story, Hugh! I will be pursuing a resurrection of my own shortly, with the 505 Turbo that keebs built. I bought it last summer in Maryland and it's been in my brother's driveway in CT since. The border is supposed to be opening to the US likely this month, so I'm planning to head down after Labour Day when the kids are back in school to get it roadworthy and bring it back to Canada. I'll start to post some updates to keebs' build thread when it's back in the snowy North... I look forward your future plans, so don't keep us in suspense for too long! Jonathan
  8. Best of luck with the final hurdle! I will celebrate your first road test by going through this entire thread from beginning to end. Truly a labour of love!
  9. I'll second HarryK's praise! This is an endlessly fascinating thread and I can't wait til you get 'er out on the road!
  10. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures... I always wanted to have a 604 TD 5 speed. Only ever test drove one in Edmonton, Alberta many moons ago. Even back then that one had its' fair share of rust if I remember correctly (it may have been at Pioneer Motors).
  11. Thanks for the help! I have an 87 and have not had to put any new brake parts on it yet. Was wondering how much of a challenge it is, with the exception of the front rotors. I guess you're saying the flex hoses listed on RockAuto are too short and won't work?
  12. N9TE - thanks for the reply! Will see if others can chime in on what parts are hard to find for the ABS equipped cars, other than the front rotors....
  13. Hi All, Stupid question perhaps, but are the front rotors on an ABS equipped car the only difficult to obtain brake parts (I'm talking flex hoses, rotors and pads)? I see flex hoses, pads and rear rotors listed on RockAuto for 87 and 88 Turbo cars and am wanting to purchase, but was wondering if their listings were accurate, and they apply to this car. Also, I saw that "early" 944 front calipers are the same as the 505 ABS calipers. Is there any more specific info on which years of calipers are the same, or a part number so this could be looked into? Thanks for anyone's assistance!
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