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  1. Hello Jeff: Strange, but I did not receive your email... please try again [email protected] Sorry to lag on this posting, but I thought that I had it sold complete, as a project, and I also took some time to return to school. The ABS master is one of the things that I "cannibalized." I know that they are expensive, and have seen on Peugeot sites that others have tried Saab, or european Ford units? ? Are any of them rebuildable? Also, the vented disks are expensive as they contain the bearings for the front wheels (if I am remembering correctly.) I have someone that wants the wheels, so I might have to cut the car up to keep the front hubs, as the machine shop warned me that there would be no more turning of "Rossa's" disks. C.
  2. * PARTING OUT 505 V-6 sedan This 1988 V-6 505 sedan has "organ donated" to keep "Rossa" our red V-6 sedan on the road. The engine, transmission, and brake master cylinder have been removed from the mostly complete chassis. The interior is grey leather, and there are a car-load of good parts to help keep other 505s running. So, available is an engine that runs, but smokes white- indicating a probable head gasket problem... Also available is 1) broken, and 1) good automatic transmission, and a couple of brake masters (? re-build-able.) Let me know what you need, make a reasonable offer for the whole batch, or the parts you need... Thank you.
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