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  1. I was especially hoping someone could tell me the thickness of the con-rod, as others on this site say they have used Saab rods, however they are only 26.4 thick, compared to 7T2 engine at 28.2 thick. (The thickness would need to be measured as it doesn't seem to be in any literature) Just wonder how these Saab rods don't cause a problem due to side clearance on the crank.
  2. The reason I ask is I am trying to do a comparison with the 7T2 engines (predecessor to N9T) we have here (in Chrysler Centura). The rods on the 7T2 engine are 28.2mm wide, BE bore 55.885mm, SE bore 24.006mm., length C-C 137mm
  3. Can anyone please tell me the connecting rod centre to centre length and thickness, pin diameter on an N9Tx engine. Thanks
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    NA Centura 2litre
  5. Hi Rabin, Should I have received an email too? Have not yet
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to put these but here are the timing cover gaskets for Simca 7T2 engines which are suppose to be the same as N9T gaskets, but someone with a N9T will need to verify they are the same to be sure. (suggest print on plan paper to check scale) You cut some 0.25mm gasket paper to fit into your printer and print it 1:1 then cut it out with some small scissors (I use nail scissors). Works nicer than silicone. I will collate them together when I get time so they all fit on one sheet.
  7. Hi Rabin,Just to be sure I have scanned the outline of both timing chain guides. If you could lay the guides you have on top to check that would be good. I am almost certain they will be the same.If you print out these at 1:1 scale they should be the right size. Thanks, Brendan
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  9. Thanks Rabin, now the weather has improved here I can look a bit harder for those parts. Only thing is I hear they are as rare as rocking horse poo, so there are probably even fewer here in Australia. With the parts I need, I'll PM you further details. Brendan
  10. When you pull the engine let me know I am after some parts.
  11. Timing chain is the same as the following vehicles: Timing Chain, dual row 96 link 1971-1977 Dodge Colt 1600 1984-1988 Hyundai Pony 1985-1986 Hyundai Stellar 1976-1977 Plymouth Arrow In Australia the Dodge Colt was sold as the Mitsubishi Colt, and same engine as the Chrysler/Sigma 1600 The actual designation is 06B2 endless chain 96 pitches long (British Standard 3/8" pitch duplex)
  12. Thanks all for the info, looks like the guides can't be found new, so I may need to go 2nd hand, thanks for the offer Rabin. Perhaps another option is to adapt something up, need to re-drill holes in the guide or block (guides preferably). Also while fiddling with the engine in my car on the weekend, I noticed the tensioner has been modified to make it manually adjustable. Looks like it has a set-screw right thru to the piston and a locking nut around this. It will still hydraulically tension but uses the screw to stop the piston being pushed back into the cylinder. This is the Brampton type t
  13. Make this tool: (5mm pin diameter) http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/571-/
  14. Hi Does anyone know if the timing chain guides are still available anywhere new? I guess that goes for the timing chain too. My spare motor seems to have damaged guides due to the tensioner falling apart (still haven't worked out how this happened), the chain has then flogged around. I found the bits of tensioner in the sump and extracted them with a magnet, reconstructing, it doesn't seem possible for the piston to just fall out of the tensioner as the chain is not that loose?? Thanks, Brendan
  15. Mechanical fuel pump drive cam, you can leave on or remove, not needed on the N9T with electric fuel pump. Brendan
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