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  1. I really want that three spoke steering wheel for my 205!
  2. Were any Pugs sold in the US with the XU engines and/or BA transmissions?
  3. I have never seen a 505 here, only in the USA. If I bring two French cars the second one would be a Citro├źn BX; that's another eighties French car I love.
  4. Today I registered here, and was warmly welcomed Also, my 205 CTI went over 190,000 km old today, and she idling like a purring kitty, which is a major accomplishment for any 205 with the 1.6 engine.
  5. The 309 is my winter car. Germans love to salt the crap out of their roads (excuse my language), and finding older cars with no rust is tough here. The 309 has its fair share of rust, more than I car for. I will probably sell the car soon as I will be leaving next winter. The car has a full GTI interior in good shape, and rare aftermarket Storm bumpers. The car handles quite well, but the 1.4 engine is anemic and the gears are long. Not sporty, just sporty-looking. Currently the 309's ignition key is stuck in the cylinder, a common problem in 205s and 309s, but I just bought a used but good
  6. Andre, I really don't know where I iwll end up when I return to the US. Could be Alabama, Virginia, Washington, Kansas, Colorado, Texas... I really have no clue yet. I am hoping for Viginia or Washington but I don't have too much say so. I have requested to join Fernando's group on Facebook, and I'll send a message requesting to join if he's being selective, which I understand. I am also a member of the 205 GTI Club de France, and they also have the reproduction seat cloth. My seats are actually from a GTI 1.9, as all CTI had full cloth seats, only the GTI 1.9 had the half leathers like mine.
  7. Well, deep in my heart I am a Saab guy, have owned nothing but Saabs (and one Jeep) for the last six years. If I did a swap I might do a Saab 2.0 or 2.3 Turbo. Even without mods 185 to 230 hp in the tiny Pug will move it right along A German friend of mine who owns five 205s recommended me to get a Schrick fast road camshaft since I have the 1.6 engine with the 1,9 head, the Schrick cam is good for another 20 hp at the flywheel when coupled with this head. The swap I would really like to do, especially for the US, is a gearbox off a 205 GTI 1.9, or Citroen BX GTI 1.9, as the gears I have are
  8. Hello! My name is Ren (short for Renato) and I am a US Army Soldier, currently stationed in Germany. I currently own two Peugeot, a 1991 309 GTI-look-alike (has GTI body and interior, but 1.4 engine), and my pride and joy, a 1989 205 CTI. The 205 is painted in a 106 color, Sundance Yellow, and is like a street legal go-kart. The car is powered by a 115 hp 1.6-liter engine that loves to rev. It is a blast to drive. I bought the car cheap because it had an old tattered top that was leaking. Replacing a convertible top in Germany is quite expensive, I would find. I was quoted 1500 Euro for a bra
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