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  1. Did you get my private message? ....found bra, supple and nice, Euro lights too If you have a turbo, I have an NOS top rad hose too. If you can handle a RI to Bangor trip, I'm maybe an 8 mile round trip detour.
  2. Good Afternoon!

    Please let me know if you still have the NOS Peugeot 505 automatic shifter.  My automatic shifter is in need of replacement.  If you located any other NOS Peugeot 505 parts please let me know.  Sean

    1. ouigpt


      If I find it and we agree on a price, it'll be yours.

      I also have a tie rod for the completely different turbo front end. This puppy is longer than every '80 to '91 non turbo 505. 

  3. I assume a bra with PEUGEOT letters embossed are not too common. I had one. I got rid of a lot of parts, but don't recollect getting rid of this, nor a 505 NOS shifter{auto}. I do not check this site on a regular basis.
  4. no affiliation ... Autozone, Duralast 16752 rebuilt $59.99 + $40.00 core
  5. I just posted my Peugeot on Craigslist Maine. Definitely not a turn key, but as 30 year old Pugs .....SOLD
  6. I have an '88 Pug with a cracked head. Is your parts car head available? ......So. Maine 04005
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