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  1. Looks very familiar when my afm went bad. I think when the engne's cold the afm flap was more open and wiper contacts were on unworn part of the track. Until the new afm arrives try writing some graphite on the position where the wiper contacts stay at idle.
  2. Bit hard to see at the pictures, but if there's white ceramic visible, then that part is worn out. For testing purposes you can write some pencil graphite on the white spots. There are some guides in Internet how to repair the AFM. Easisest way is to bend the wiper contact to unused part of the track. For a start you can gently clean the track with some electronic cleaner spray and white cotton swab.
  3. I had same issue at idle when my air flow meter wore out(overfueling). Even caused me a mot failure. If you haven't done it so far I would reccomend you remove the air flow meter cover and inspect/ clean the carbon track.
  4. On my car, removing the catalytic converter did not affect the o2 sensor. These engines are very sensitive to even small air leaks.
  5. As I understand, code 52 means that the correct fuel-air mixture can't be achieved. It's mainly caused by air leaks (inlet side or exhaust manifold side). Can also be caused by worn out air flow meter carbon track giving wrong data to ecu
  6. This might be the first RWD 405 ever made. Keep up the good work!
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