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  1. Ya thanks. I've searched all the usual suspects (USA, France, Canada and Germany) and the best I got (coming) is from Jorge at ZPJ in Argentina. Still not factory but most measurements are good. Maybe there's something somewhere that matches close enough but I've already gone through all that and they are not quite right. I'll report what happens.

  2. This will be fairly obscure but the US 505 Turbo in 1989 has different body cladding below the doors. I broke some of the plastic clips. They might be the same as the clips on the wagon. Anyway I looked online (Dorman etc), I looked at L'Aventure Peugeot and even called a 3D Printer guy but they wanted $300 to replicate. GOT CLIPS?

    Clip 1.jpg

    clip 2.jpg

  3. I still have not ordered anything from them but as I understand it they are actually connected to PSA. Xavier Crespin is on Facebook and he's the Director of Marketing (and speaks English) if something doesn't work right.

  4. One owner base model European delivery with steel rims, no Sunroof or power windows. Interior and carpets good. Alternator and starter rebuilt and fresh battery and freshly serviced. BUY IT AND DRIVE IT FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TO ANYWHERE (Follow Mollie). Yes, paint faded and typical minor corner of windshield rust. NADA price guide says $4k high and $2.6k average and $1.7k low. Make offer but no it's not free and it's a good car.


    Call Dono @ (310) 995-6709 













  5. Deuce slowly began to ride and handle worse and worse. So I got under it but did not see or feel anything loose or leaking. Eventually I concluded that the right front strut was not dampening correctly. Inasmuch as the '87 ABS strut is not serviceable, like the earlier non ABS car, it was necessary to replace the whole strut. Being a bit of a gambler I found that Holms had a used one. Most would replace both but this right front strut had no signs of leaking and actually passed the bumper bounce test so I bought the one used strut.

    What I found was that the original strut worked correctly - except for the first 20% of compression travel from fully extended.  Fully extended the piston would move up and down with little resistance but any compression beyond that it was functioning perfectly and remained dampening all the way to fully extended. Again there was no signs of leaking and having put 80k miles on it for a total of 148k miles it had not leaked out at some time earlier. The valve inside, I believe, had some kind of issue. I guess I must have been too aggressive on some speed bump somewhere.

    So Deuce is fixed but I share this as it's an unusual failure. You could have a shock valve fail or you can loose fluid but this was a partial valve failure. IMHO




    Deuce 042617c.jpg

  6. ...and I hate it when that happens. Broke the power steering fitting that goes into the Ram Cylinder (pn 4011.16) because one of the rack bushings had perished. There was no issues with steering, alignment or noise that would have warned me. So, get under there and check out the bushings (pn 4059.07) before they break the pipes (pn 4020.E3 & E3). The pipes can be fabricated but they have double flares at both ends.

  7. Axle Tramp and two clouds of tire smoke. Leaving the throttle open let the turbo stay at full speed so no fuel was being added as the ignition was off but let's just say there was no turbo lag when I turned it back on. All the way down the back straight I kept saying "Sorry Red"

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