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  1. I'm pretty sure I have some gaskets for the sunroof - NOS. I sold one of them to Sina and I think we discovered there were two kinds - one was all one piece and the other style was two pieces. Send me a pm and I'll see if can take care of you and get back to you with a price. I know they aren't that cheap and pretty hard to find at this point. One the plus side, they will likely outlast your car cheers Tony
  2. Hey guys. I've added a few items (at a different link then the one used above). In the interest of making these things easier to navigate, I'm attempting to separate out items that are mechanical (things that have to with functioning of your car -engine cooling system, drive train) from non mechanical (interior, exterior, etc.) https://picasaweb.google.com/101715176520520880824/PeugeotPartsNONMechanical I'll be adding more over next few days.. as always feel free to make an offer on parts that have no pricing info. cheers Tony
  3. Hey all. I've uploaded a whole host of misc parts that I have for sale. I tried to do it in a manner that shows the part number and the condition of the part if possible. I realize that there are no prices up (yet) but you can always make me an offer, the worst I can do is come back with a counter offer. I will have a parts list and some prices up at some point in the future - soon hopefully. check them out: https://picasaweb.google.com/116400569354424146538/PuegeotParts cheers Tony
  4. I'm located in Santa Cruz, so if according to your username, I shouldn't be too far. Contact me directly and we can work out any details. Cheers Tony ps I'll look to see if I have any sunroof seals among my parts.
  5. Hey Rabin. I chose a couple of different methods to repair them even though basically they are the same. Cable 1, I actually ground down the tapered segments of the cable because otherwise I would not be able to use hose clamps on them. The hose clamps would just slide off until it got to the "round, non tapered part". On cable 2 I used hose and hose clamps but the hose was so tight around the cable that even on the taper, the hose clamp isn't really doing much and shouldn't slip. Of course, liquid nails on the inside of the pvc also helps with any concerns of that. Also, Stefan sent me this link on his sunroof cable repair - http://imageevent.com/dkstef/sunroofrepaironmy89505turbo5spee;jsessionid=6jj7z8c3i1.goose_s He went all out and used braided steel cable so you might want to check out his repair. cheers Tony
  6. Sorry Rabin. Let's try that again. I forgot to set the album to public. Does it work now?
  7. Hey Guys (and gals) (please read this somewhat long description before contacting me) Like the title says, I have 3 NOS sunroof cables for sale. Two of them I have modified and one of them is in unmodified NOS condition. The two I have modified I will warrant for one year from the date of purchase. The other, I can either modify it for you or sell you, as is - your choice - no warranty. I'm sure many of you are probably wondering why I've chosen to modify NOS parts. That's a good question which I will do my best to explain. Though these cables are NOS they have literally been sitting for over 20 years. Not only have they been sitting for that long but the cables came in a box (the original Peugeot boxes) which required them to be bent at a radius which IMO has contributed greatly to their frailty. (the pictures will hopefully help explain this much better than words alone). Anyhow, I couple years back I sent someone an NOS cable in it's original unopened box. I didn't even bother to open the box because I assumed there was nothing wrong with the cable as it was unused/unopened.. Well, long story short - the cable had to be returned to me because the sheath had been broken. When I got the parts back and examined the cable, the reason became clear. The cable (which most of you know are made of some not very pliant plastic) had been it's "boxed" position for so long that once you straighten it out, it was only a matter of time before the plastic will crack IMO. Hoping to avoid this same situation, I decided to mod 2 of the NOS cables. One of them (labeled cable #2 in the pics) was showing signs of exactly what I suspected - there was a tiny crack developing in the sheath which I'm sure would fail once it was installed. My mod involved putting a much better pvc sheath around the original sheath and using liquid nails to bond them together and then using hose clamps to seal it all up. I'm so confident that these are better than the unmodified NOS cables that I'm happy to give a 1 year warrant on the modded cables as I've already mentioned. Without further adieu, here is a link to the photos of the various cables. I've done my best to put them in an order that seeks to explain what I'm talking about - namely the issue with NOS cables and how I modded them. Feel free to ask any questions and make comments. I've also included pictures of the NOS boxes just so people understand that these are indeed NOS and that I'm not trying to pull a fast one cheers Tony https://picasaweb.google.com/116400569354424146538/NOSSunroofCables505
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