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  1. are ignition coil (+) containing wire even no.2 ?
  2. i did not notice that ; but you'r a man as observant in next time i'll be careful :lol:
  3. thank's stewart for your effort with me and thank's for all
  4. thanks mr stewart for your full reply and sure i see the Excellent pattern thanks again but i have request in reply no.3 about coil wiring digram and quistion in reply no.4 about exhaust valve i hope i wait thanks for everyone in the great site for the grand loin(peugeot 505) nasser
  5. when valve for example cyl. no 1 is in (tdc) and the mark crankwheel point to no.0 then the exhaust valve it's fully open! that's way is correct or no?
  6. Thankful Mr. Rabin for help But there is another problem i m Lost coil Wire (+) which number for wire if u have photo or wiring digram nasser
  7. hi everybody best wishes for all i Looked much for set valve for my lovely peugeot 505 GL engine xn1 And, of course,i will not find a response only here I need a full explanation for valve setting And How do I know that the exhaust valve fully open nasser
  8. thank's my friend Was have provided a great service for me I wish to respond to you some of the help to mesee you in egyptnasser
  9. hi mr andre I am grateful to you for your interest and You're always Understand me correctly... thanks for all nasser
  10. Hello everyone & hi mr rabin & mr andre I need an explanation of the fuse box connections and relays My problem with 2 relay in the fuse box I need their proper connections because they are not connected onboard The but connected wires directly I think that their position onboard does not work for that was to connect them externally my car gl 1982
  11. thanks mr andre for help and i hope to meet u and mr rabin in egypt you'r a good friends thanks for all nasser
  12. hi mr rabin i m so sorry for late my answer thanks for all
  13. thanks mr rabin for your interest Unfortunately I dont've timing light . and which's best one and how much? But is there another way ? my engine is like your xn1... i've on the front pully two notches but back of some not behind I hope that my words will be understood thanks for all nasser
  14. hi all fourm members i m nasser from egypt i'm loving this car dear to my heart unfortunately my car is not turbo but i'love it i've a problem my 505 GL 1982 my problem regarding adjust valve and ignition timing about where's the mark for ignition timing on the body engine i've tow screw on front the pully where can i adjust for ignition timing i hope that gave you cooperation
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