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  1. I am just cleaning and reusing the same parts the car already had (NON ABS as it had been removed previously and it now has a brake master). I found that my problem mostly came from rust and the E-brake cable. Also the Axel is still in good working condition, no noise or grinding just the boots have sprung a leak since the car was parked for so long without care. You can see in one of the attached pictures. Pictures
  2. Hello everyone, Here an update on my progress. Car runs mechanically strong no problems or leaks, it just doesn't like to stop. I decided to rebuild breaks that were on the car to save some money because yes new they are very expensive. The ones I did find moderately priced seemed like a huge gamble coming from an online store in the Philippines. Also does anyone have our know where to get a CV Boot, Rear Axel both. I haven't had much luck with the Vendors still waiting on J Garage. Maybe a quick repair tip?
  3. Thanks again for your insight, I would like to restore the car as much as possible and keep it. My younger brother liked the car so in time I plan on giving it to him when he graduates in six months. As of right now the cars runs strong and I haven't found any leaks. Besides a full tune up, the car will need is break pads, rotors x 4, ignition switch, stereo, and possibly rewiring the head lights with the switch. Miles: 100,xxx+ ABS: Haven't tested it yet. Old man said it he had a new Master Cylinder placed in it. I think it might not be OEM. You can see it in the picture. Manual - 5 Speed This will be my first European car! Seem interesting and car looks to hold some promise.
  4. Thank you everyone for the quick responses, I have attached some pictures. I tried to post earlier but I think file size was to big.
  5. I have a '88 505 Turbo that was given to me by an old man on a farm. According to him the car had been parked for about 6 years. He originally bought it for his son but he broke the transmission and left it. Old man put in new trans and then it got stolen, ignition and stereo ripped out. It was recovered by the police and Old Man just left it out in his field. I found it by accident buried under weeds almost hit it with the tractor. Long story short Old Man said I could have it. I was going to scrap it but felt I should at least try to get it started. Two days later Success! Now the problems: 1. They don't make parts anymore. 2. They are not found in any of the local junk yards. 3. I need a wiring diagram, it is a mess. I wired the fuel pump to the ignition which is a tractor switch and it works the headlights too. Don't know why? 4. I could use a repair manual, I found some online but all seem to skip my year and model. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Located in South East, Colorado - USA Pictures later today.
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