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  1. Thank you André! Car is sold, to a very nice guy and an enthusiast, glad it's going to someone who will continue to take good care of her!
  2. Here is the link: http://ebay.com/itm/Peugeot-505-Turbo-/281330315805
  3. I just listed my 505 on ebay. Somehow I can't paste the link but easy to find on ebay motors.
  4. I got them from Madhu, the bushings were cheap but one horizontal link was more expensive, around $100 if I recall correctly. But made a big difference.
  5. Wow! Your car is simply beautiful! Well done!
  6. Wow, that black 505 is simply gorgeous. I guess the 505 looks even better in dark colours!
  7. The bushings and 2 shift rods were replaced today, easy job when car is on hoist. Makes a world of difference, shifts like a 2013 now.
  8. Well I cleaned all the 3 relays on top of fuse box with contact cleaner, a small metal brush and fine sand paper. Also cleaned 2 connectors. Then my mechanic crimped the wires at coil and changed a shabby looking wire that goes from coil to ignition module and so far, after a 40 km drive the car runs perfect. Did not miss a beat! It was an intermittent problem, so hard to say if it is fixed for good, but so far so good!
  9. Thank you Rabin! I actually bought a multimeter, a small brush, emeri paper and electrical connection cleaner to try to clean-fix every connection I can easily access. I read the thread on the TPS adjustment, but that part I will leave to my mechanic.
  10. The issue is not fixed yet. But yes, the wire running from PBJC to coil is in miserable shape, and the wires need to be crimped. Will attend to it next week, hopefully that fixes the problem, as it is dangerous to drive a car that hesitates and stalls in traffic!!!
  11. Thank you both for your replies. Before today's drive, I thought it was more a fuel problem. But when the car would not restart today, I could clearly here the fuel pump when ignition turned on. I had only looked at distributor cap and plug wires before, but after seeing the condition of the wires going from Positive Battery junction connector to coil and then to left side of firewall (behind brake fluid receptacle) I think it is more an ignition problem. It almost looks as though a rodent chewed on the wires (possible because car had been sitting outside).
  12. Update: Took the car for a drive today. Started fine, after less than 1 km, car started to hesitate and miss than died. Took 10 attempts and 10 minutes to restart the car, then drove back home. Under the hood, the wiring coming from firewall to the coil looks terrible, insulation pretty much gone, not sure if that is the cause of the problem but that has to be fixed no matter what. Trying to upload picture...
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