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  1. Hey Rabin, it's a Ba7/4 (manual 4 speed). No A/C, I can't find a compressor for the A/C anywhere, so I am assuming it had no A/C to begin with. Can't wait to drive the damn thing. Just ordered a balljoint from Brian Holm hopefully it gets here soon enough.
  2. Hello guys, It has been quite a long time since I've been on this site. My name is Santiago... finally in my 20s, think my last post I must have been 18 years old. Either way cut to the chase! I recently moved to Calgary, AB from Ontario and naturally I set an alert on my classifieds app (Kijiji) for any Peugeots that came up for sale. On the second month of living here this Peugeot 504 came up for sale. It had no pictures and it said it was abandoned, I asked the seller what was the asking price and he said to make him an offer. I went to the Peugeot, and found a 504 up on wooden blocks sitting in the backyard of a fancy neighbourhood - seller informed me that there was no keys and he had no information on the condition. Now, I have been a diesel mechanic (on and off) for 2 years now so this was perfect as the car had an XD2 under the hood. I primed it lightly with some ether, threw some fresh oil through the filler cap, threw in the whole bottle of old fuel conditioner it had, and boosted it with my daily. I pulled the wires out of the ignition switch and crossed them until the starter engaged, with a used battery under the hood being boosted. The starter engaged and the car cranked... and cranked.. I gave it a bit more ether and BAM the clatteryclat of the old Indenor welcomed my ears. I had the car running long enough to fill the system with some coolant, and appreciate the old-school no-emissions-equipment smell of diesel fumes. Turned it off, and told the seller I would be back to make sure it drives and then I would sign the bill of sale and exchange a low sum of Canadian dollars. A week later, I came back with a friend of mine (An International trucks master technician) and we got the car running off of the blocks, and I did a lap of the neighbourhood. When I came back I smelled diesel, so I checked under the car and there was a huge trail all the way around the neighbourhood.. we quickly got the car onto the dirt alleyway and assessed the situation - a rotten off vent hose for the filler neck to the tank was letting diesel out as I drove! Buddy parted ways shortly after, on the way to a local event, and I called a tow truck and paid the seller for this relic of a project. Let's just say, everyone who had witnessed this car driving, formerly adorning the backyard of this house, was astounded and quite shocked! The tow truck delivered the car to my garage's side driveway and I went off to work. Since then, I have been doing a few little things to the car. Namely, I assessed that it needs a driver's side balljoint very badly (I could feel something loose in the front end while on the short drive), and I removed the entire driver's side hub assembly for inspection, and reconditioning. I've ordered new brake pads, new belts, a new oil filter, ALL new fluids, got tires to replace the original 1980 units, and repurposed a piece of wood as a battery tray. Currently, I am on the hunt for a balljoint and the appropriate battery. Here are some pictures of the vehicle. More to come! If you're in Calgary, give me a shout.. I am hoping to use this car for the Great Beater Challenge at the end of this August, and to use it to go to Edmonton to check out some Peugeot 505s for sale!
  3. As if...

    I'm at Standard Auto Wreckers and this guy comes to the cashier and asks if they sell tires. I immediately remember that I really want to get rid of my alloys/all-season combo, so I ask him what size did he need.

    As if the stars had lined-up he said he needed the exact tire size, for the exact car I pulled it off of.

    Sometimes it's just crazy how lucky we get!

  4. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ottawa-West-Auto-Parts-International-Services-K-Town-International/504528729679289?ref=bookmarks

    Quite honestly I never knew starting a business to get rid of my stock of Subaru parts would turn into such a successful business! I've gotten no less than 20 orders in the past 3 days.

    I really hope I can someday bring a better service to all these loyal customers.

  5. Accord coupe and accord sedan. Both V6. One of them is a manual. So hot! I want it!!

  6. This is what I did today. At a car meet!

  7. Interesting stuff here.

  8. Never taking a taxi again. South Kanata to Beech Street was 45 dollars. Didn't know it was that expensive..

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