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  1. Hungarian girls are the most beautiful in the world
  2. Hello ! Yes , I live 60 miles from the Serbian border
  3. Technically, they can not now get any parts. The authorized dealers are no longer included in the database. I bought the ebay parts. It's very, very rare car. Old Mercedes, BMW and many are available in all parts. I hope I was understandable Martin
  4. Hungarian auto mechanic living in America. His grandfather was sent back as a gift. about 1992 The car was sold in California.
  5. Hello! I'm Martin from Hungary (Europe) I'm sorry, I only speak English a little. I have 2 Peugeot 505 1984 2.2 Turbo Injection 1985 4.2 Turbo Diesel U.S.. Very good website full of valuable information. I build a Turbo Diesel again, but unfortunately it is very difficult to find componens.few seem to be missing The 2.2 turbo injection was a gift from a 97-year-old French man.? The car 10 years sleeping in the garage.
  6. Hello! The new tail lights? Because it is very beautiful. Bonti
  7. Hello Andre! Yes, U.S. spec car and I want to restore the original state and therefore do not want to use european parts. regards Martin
  8. Rabin Hello! Yes, the car was sold in California and after he came back to Hungary. The circled parts of the photo might be interested. The first headlamps should be only on the passenger side, rear lamp, however, the left and right should be, because unfortunately mine are broken, regards Martin
  9. Hello Everyone! Can you help? I have a 1985 Peugeot 505 STI vehicles, unfortunately I can not take Europe to the original lamps, side marker, directional lights, etc. I would like to rebuilding the car. Someone could help me in purchasing? due regard to Martin
  10. Hello! The rear lights are interested in, but only if U.S. version. thank you
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