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  1. Yes, i still need to get a hold of one set, i have been trying to send you a private message about this, but it says you cant receive messages? Could you please PM me here on the forum or send an Email to: [email protected] Ok, thanks! do you have a link for the Cometic Gasket maybe? a stand alone ecu is not what i have planned on, so the stock fuelpump and injectors will have to do.
  2. I think I'm going to buy the headgasket to, it should be better then the gasket I already have. Apart from the complete overhaul of the engine, I will swap the turbo from an non water-cooled to one that is water-cooled from a -88 N9TEA. The head has been sent in to be machined and all the valves checked for leaks, and checked for any cracks. I also have swapped out the radiator for a bigger bmw radiator, and a front mounted intercooler, Oilcooler added in the front. Have Bought an adjustable Fuel pressure regulator. And possibly going to buy a new in tank fuel pump? (suggestions?) Planning on bigger injectors to(suggestions? ) , I would gladly take any suggestions on other supporting mods. ☺ Added photos of how the car looks at the moment. Ludvig
  3. Thank you very much for your reply, I will place an order and report back. Just so i am sure, these are Main Bearings... right? Because i have ordered Main bearings from This website, and there is quite a difference in price... i can also see that there is a reinforced head gasket on the site, and i have plans to turn up the boost pressure on this engine. (that's also the reason why i am rebuilding this engine, started out as just a Head gasket replacement.) what is your opinion on this gasket, is it worth the money?
  4. i have seen in this thread: that all of chryslers bearings for the 1.6 to 2.2 engines are the same, so can i just buy these bearings and drill the neccesary holes for oil? ?
  5. Hello i am in the middle of an engine rebuild of my White 505 Turbo -86 and am now stuck as i cant find a conrod bearing set STD size for my engine. Does anyone know a source for them, or have a set laying around that i can buy?
  6. So i am thinking about buying a red 1988 505 GTD (XD3TE) with a seized motor, and replacing it with another motor from a 1987 GRD diesel wagon (XD3). I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between these two motors? Is it possible to Convert an XD3 to an XD3TE without opening the engine, and just swap the turbo bits over (Turbo, intercooler, exhaustmanifold etc.)? Ludvig
  7. So i have just completed my engine overhaul, and my Power steering isn't working at all! I did some searching on the forum and i think that i have the "variable Power steering" with one additional pump under the battery. I have a replacement steering rack, but is there loads of work to swap out the steering rack? is there any difference between a steering rack from a car without the variable steering from the one i have on my car? Possible solutions of why my power steering isn't working anyone?
  8. So it turned out to be just misplaced ignition cables... swapped them into the right position and she fired up like a charm!
  9. Thanks for clearing things with the TDC-sensor! I will recheck my distributor and vacuum tomorrow, and report back! Yes, the intake is painted, i have repainted most of my engine parts actually! i can post some pictures of the engine build! and just for fun i'l post this video from another engine rebuild i did last spring on my other 505! that startup went without problems though!
  10. Hello! this is my first post in the forum! i have done a Complete Engine Overhaul on my 1988 N9TEA, with new Bearings and Pistonrings and gaskets. i have remounted the engine to the body, but there is one cable that i dont know where it goes!? its called the TDC-sensor in the repair manual that i have, but is there any chance that it will start without this sensor? Here is a picture of the TDC sensor! and here is how the connector looks like! i tried to start it but without sucess! i checked that it gets sparks on all plugs and gasoline is being injected cause the plugs were wet when i took them out. i hope someone can give me some advise to get this baby running! if you want tho check out my other Peugeots they are on Garaget.org! http://www.garaget.org/505_turbo Greetings from sweden!
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