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  2. You could buy one and measure it? 😄 https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/505/185256-arbre-a-came.html
  3. This past weekend I was busy with my customers car a 1999 C43 AMG and she’s getting heart transplants! Engine is running great but he wants 5.4L power so he found low milage engine from 2001 E55 AMG.We are still waiting on seals, gaskets and service parts but I was able to replace V/C and intake manifold gaskets. I managed to clean up most of it and I’m hopping to have oil pan switched and cleaned the rest of the engine by Thursday. Engine bay will be cleaned up this Saturday before we install engine back in.
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  5. Joe, about the oil temp, that is normal, my car in the summer was around 110 C i've got it even higher close to 150 C those engines can take the temp, There is one more option, on the top of the AFM there is an adjustment, for making small adjustments for the air/fuel mix, on my car because i was running LPG i had to make a correction to get mixture right, it takes very small adjustment and the change takes long time. Perhaps someone has messed with it and now the ECU can't reach what was set. I took my car to a Dyno in the next country over, we use a wideband oxygen sensor and gas analizator to dial in the mixture, and the car improved fuel economy and had more power.
  6. Also, my new air filter when I put on the new afm...
  7. Another question for you all, regarding my oil temperature. It has been very hot here lately, upper 80's and 90's, and I've noticed the gauge for oil has been reading slightly higher. It typically runs right around the middle between 190 and the next dash, which if to be believed would be around 230. It has never gone past that 230 line but it has come very close lately with these warm temperatures, even barely touching it. You guys think this is ok?
  8. Hi all, my AFM arrived and I installed it along with a new air filter. The car continues to run very well, but the cel is still coming on and off. Oh well. Kind of out of ideas at this point. Still code 52. Have a new O2 sensor, confirmed the ECU is good, and have yet to find a vacuum leak anywhere... Thoughts?
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  10. Can anyone please tell me the connecting rod centre to centre length and thickness, pin diameter on an N9Tx engine. Thanks
  11. Rear brakes mounted - handbrake connected and able to hold the car! A good step forward.
  12. Ikenna, Thank You for the kind words, i don't know what exactly is the state of the covid 19 in other countries, here is really bad. First few weeks of march when schools stopped working in my opinion many people had already had it and cured the virus, i know i had a very bad case of sore throat, high temperature, short of breath in january and february, before anyone know about covid 19. I leave a very active life, i'm working couple of jobs at all time and i'm in between people all day, those months with the stay at home lockdown i still was working all day long, but i've been using medical breathing mask when in public, more for others then for me.
  13. I got mine just now from Summit Racing, based on the post by andrethx, delivered to my door in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I figured I'd need it if I should have to replace my 505's ball joints at some point in the future. My mom's old 1982 Talbot Alpine had the same screw-on ball joint design, and I remember just how hard it was to unscrew the old ones and then screw new ones into the steering knuckles and tightening them using a hammer and chisel, just because we didn't have the proper tool. Thank you andrethx!
  14. Hello Mike, 404 are still running on Nigerian roads, so I believe the parts are still available (I haven't asked recently). However, most of the 404 here have been converted to 1.8 cylinder heads (carburettor). I am not sure how easy to find one with 1.6L. Also, I don't think fuel injected 404 ever existed in Nigeria, let alone finding the injected engine parts here. About 99.9% 404, 504 & 505 currently in Nigeria is are all carburettor engines. The 404 models on Nigerian roads are mostly Saloon, SW & pickup. Never seen the other models here. Though, The parts are not actually cheap to us here, but are cheaper to Americans and other western countries because of the USD - naira equivalent. For example, $1 USD is about N400 currently. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  15. Those parts prices are incredibly low. Are any 404 parts left in Nigeria? Especially for the fuel injected 404s? Or C models?
  16. Also want to point out that it's commendable that you were positive during the lockdown when majority of humans in the world were negative at the time you carried out and completed your project. You spent the lockdown doing something positive that is now benefiting you, while majority were busy focusing on nothing, fearful and complaining all through because of the lockdown, rather than using the free time to engage in things they love, like what you did on your 607. It's really very inspiring. Thank you Goce. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  17. This blue STX V6 HP22 autotrans was purchased in Winnipeg but has been in Calgary since 1988. Garaged through life, stored since 2008 (163, 500 Km) , but work to put back into operation 2018-2019. Fuel tank relined, serviceable fuel level gauge from Holm, Vermont, new fuel pump, rear main seal, new front struts and rear shocks (factory), auto transmission replaced at 130K, rear tires replaced michelin defenders new, new turn signal / light switch (from latvia), new rear speakers. Engine starts and runs well, synthetic oil and filter changes ~every 8K. Usual replaced parts: water pump, alternator, recored radiator. Some leakage in front crankshaft seal. AC drive belt removed, AC was working 2008. Interior is same as when new except for wear on driver's seat bolster L and crack in a plastic insert of the autotrans shifter. Several rust patches 1-2 cm size at base of windshield, and on leading edge of hood (it was a used hood after 1995 accident front end /son stepped on accelerator parked car in front. Exhaust is original. Brakes are OK, Teves Antilock works well, pads 100% F, 50% rear, bled. Master cylinder OK. Power steering OK though very slow leak in reservoir to servo line due to connection not addressed as yet. Auto door locks work, as do power windows, power sun roof (cable replaced but in the car's lifetime, sunroof opened perhaps 10 times). Corrosion on contacts cleaned up re lighting and turn signals. Looking for a new home. Hagerty insurance this past year. 200 kms since rehab. 4 factory winter rims (original snows are still on unfortunately), spare window elevator motor, switches, oil filter, rear head rests. Have spent about 3K in last 2 years to rehab. Suggest 1800$, Open to offers, but the main objective is to find this vehicle a new home. See remaining information on profile of this vehicle. My email is [email protected], cell is 4036052199. VIN listed in vehicle profile.
  18. Hmm! Your torque is interesting. Yours has more power than mine. Mine is 290 Nm for petrol v6. Yes, 607 is a very quiet car, no matter the speed. You barely hear wind noise. Ikenna351, Lion king - Monk.
  19. I've been daly driving this car for more than a month, having A/C in the summer is nice. So far its been good to me, the gearbox has its hard shifts when warm at low speed, i'm hoping another oil flush will fix it last one made a big difference, otherwise performance is great you can definitely feel the 440 Nm of torque, other then the tires at speed its eerily quiet, i've found myself many times now looking at the speedo in disbelief i'm i really going that quickly. You can see i'm not afraid to getting it dirty.
  20. That's good. I have read and heard many testimonies or positive reviews on Peugeot Diesel engines. But we don't use diesel Peugeots in Nigeria and I have zero knowledge on their systems, most especially the HDi etc. I enjoyed my 605 when I had him. I had to sell because the body and interior were in bad shapes before I bought the car (abused badly by previous users in Nigeria). So after I used the car for awhile, I lost interest in the car. I told myself that I may buy another if I see a clean one, especially with ZPJ4 Engine. But I am focused on my 505 project for now. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  21. *COST OF THE PROJECT* : So, like I pointed Out earlier, started gathering parts needed for the conversion in January 2019 and concluded the conversion on 30/05/2020. Cost of some of the parts purchased are as follows: 1. ML5C Manual Gearbox:. $130 USD. 2. ES V6 Flywheel: $13 USD. 3. Manual pedal assembly (brake & clutch):. $57. 4. New OEM Clutch Master Cylinder:. $26 USD. 5. New OEM Clutch Slave Cylinder:. $31 USD. 6. New OEM Clutch Kit (Pressure plate, Friction plate & release bearing):. $117 USD, Etc. The project cost me Total of $950 USD to conclude. Unfortunately, out of the $950, about $211 was scammed out of me by some of my fellow Nigerians while sourcing for some of the parts from Nigerian part sellers that are not my trusted contacts. It was a huge loss, but I didn't let it discourage me and I kept on till I completed the project successfully. Yes, I met a lot challenges in the project and in the process acquired a lot of technical knowledge on Peugeot systems in relation to conversions. The Z9 V6 has similar mechanical and electrical systems with D2 V6 (407 V6). Meaning D2 V6 Saloon won't be a problem for me anymore or anyone in interested doing identical or similar conversion. Hope that helps anyone interested in Converting Z9 V6 or D2 V6 to Manual. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  22. My 605 started life 1996 ZPJ automatic, the gearbox had been flash with the wrong oil and was really annoying made the engine feel underpowered on low rpm, so i often found my self using the kickdown and keeping it 4-6000rpm this made lots of noise and used too much fuel. At that time fuel prices wore at their highest, not wanting to change the car because it suits my needs and takes on the punishment like a champ, decided to make a hybrid. I had a series 1 605 SRDT rusting away left from my brother after he drove it till it starts to fold on it self, it had a new gearbox, clutch, suspension, the engine had close to 2 million kilometers, but i swapped it anyway and is still running, i've driven it around 450 000 km in the last 6 years. That 2,1td XUD11ate engine is one tought engine, i'm not easy on it but it takes it and keeps running. To answer your question now it has the mehanical bosch pump 2,1td inline-4. Still starts on first turn no cranking, it's noisy, i often get a lifter tick, it uses the same hydraulic lifters as later HDI engines and some of them are probably collapsed.
  23. Thanks so much. Will check it out. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  24. Yes, mine is 2007 production. Also, mine has the electric rear window curtain/sunblind and Motorised trunk (electric closing trunk). Unfortunately, the Motorised trunk failed (the plastic gears in it cracked due to poor handling by someone). I have been searching for a good used one, but yet to find. My former 605 V6 had ZPJ Engine. Is yours ZPJ, ZPJ4 or inline-4? Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  25. Seat belts mounted High temperature paint on the brake shoes - rear linings need to be changed Whipped the brush holder out of the the SEV-Motorola alternator - dirty inside Brush holder before cleaning clean slip rings Remounting. (the bolts holding the brush holder in are 1/8 inch, which is neither nor 5.5 mm. American parts!
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  27. Bean

    Body Skirt Clips

    Dang - that looks like a decent match! I’d have split shipping with you to have some of them as well, but I guess I can order after you confirm they’re good. Keep us posted... Rabin
  28. SSB

    Body Skirt Clips

    Ya thanks. I've searched all the usual suspects (USA, France, Canada and Germany) and the best I got (coming) is from Jorge at ZPJ in Argentina. Still not factory but most measurements are good. Maybe there's something somewhere that matches close enough but I've already gone through all that and they are not quite right. I'll report what happens.
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