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  2. https://www.facebook.com/watchparty/1031637953880490/?entry_source=FEED As this was a "Watch Party" I'm not sure this will; always be available but here it is/was anyway.
  3. I end up picking it up on Tuesday and on Wednesday I installed rear bumper, I’m satisfied the way it all turned out. Earlier today I noticed that rear arch trims are missing 😞 I called my painter and he looked trough the shop and did not fined them, supposedly he will look more thoroughly tomorrow. Hopefully they surface up otherwise I’ll end up getting another set from UK.
  4. Hello! where could I find the US specs parts catalogs for the 505 and 405? thanks!
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  6. Whole last week I was at Arizona with Gooding&Company for car auction, my favorite one was 190E Evolution II and I did drive it on auction block. Here are few pictures of cars that we had.
  7. Sneak Peak 🙂 Painter send me few pictures today, most likely I’ll pick it all up tomorrow.
  8. I am looking to remove and clean out the injectors on my xd2s here in a few months but want to make sure there are no special gaskets or washers that will be needed . Going by the parts I see a washer and copper gasket, but what is the purpose of this washer? Copper gasket I can attempt to get a machine shop to duplicate some others as well for my TX and oil cooling lines since my pug has always had a bad habit of leaking everywhere and never had the time or resources to fiddle with that aspect. And to caveat off that, where might I find some of these monark nozzles as I have yet to find any complete injectors to replace mine with, I preferred to go that route but no body seems to have any so rebuilding the originals will be the game plan unless someone on here has a connection.
  9. F & F Safety Plate, the brand of windshield fitted to my car since at least January 1974, when...the last vehicle test was done (not required since 1983) And the windshield is in!
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  11. No response from Miles yet, but will keep you posted if I do. Rabin
  12. Let me know if you need any help. I know enough to be dangerous, but wife is pretty good with this.
  13. I dont remember seen any document binding engine block number and car, could be on importers database and factory but not seen in anywhere else. Only engine type. Not even that table info seen. Exact type only on that cylinder block tag depending where car was originally imported.
  14. Front and rear indeed, on the 405 it's more of a gimmick but on the 205 they are very much needed and you need to cut the body to fit them.
  15. Does the front have arch trims? On second look they are wider than I first though, and that 205 SRDT is pretty choice looking. Tough call! Rabin
  16. Mine is from June 1990 and it's not exactly the same:
  17. I would keep it stock, or maybe paint the chrome inserts red. The arch trims are a tribute to the 205 GTI:
  18. If it were mine: I’d delete the rear arch trim, and paint the belt line mouldings body colour. The black trim ages the car a lot, and I think body colour just fits with the cars look better. If the plan was to change the looks to be more of a restored stock look - I’d still delete the rear arch trim ‘cuz it looks like a Pep boy’s stick on piece, and the front arch doesn’t have anything. Rabin
  19. Washed arch trims and chrome inserts today and I had to made one front chrome insert as it was not supplied by seller. Luckily Paul gave me few extra rear chrome strips so I just end up cutting it and shaped the ends of it to match original one. I’m really debating on cutting over fender trims and also I can’t make decision if I should paint them in color of the car including door moldings and bumpers. Opinions are welcome 🙂
  20. Cool - Now I know what the 176* tag means on the side of the motor, but I think the 86+ cars here were all X - 7.5:1 Question for you VM - Have you ever seen a way to associated the engine to the VIN? Many other cars will state “numbers matching” - but I don’t think Peugeot had anyway to verify an engine belonged to a VIN. Rabin
  21. Arch trims came in today, big thanks to Paul Gritton to make this happen. Brakes calipers came from 406 HDI so did new pads and rotors, these are for my Wagon.
  22. I'm not much of a web guy, but I've been able to muddle my way through keeping this site functional - So I sent Miles a message to see if there might be anything I can do to help out. Web support can be stupid costly, and super frustrating if you're not familiar with it. I'm tech savy, work in IT, but it's still such a steep and frustrating learning curve! Rabin
  23. I'd disconnect and connect 12V manually to ensure the solenoid is working - there'll be silence when you do it and much easier to hear and feel. Should be easy to unscrew and check that it's working for sure if there's still doubt. As for the filter with primer pump - if the diaphragm is leaking then that pump won't work, and the injection pump won't get any fuel. My 86' TD 5sp sedan is doing this now, and I have a new filter head to go on without the coolant heater in it which means I need to do some re-routing to clean lines up. Car will never be a cold weather car so I'm just going to delete the heater circuit. I've actually got some great reference material for diesels that JoE has sent me as I'm working on redoing the tech files section on the forum to make them easier to find and download. Will send you some that will likely help you out as well, but having a printed copy is pretty nice too. Rabin
  24. I am getting power to the fuel solenoid, 11.5 volts which seems adequate. However, I put my hand on it and had my buddy turn the ignition, and I didn't feel anything click or clunk mechanically. Does that indicate failure of the solenoid? Rabin, can you or someone else on here provide me with an explanation of how the rotofilter works? I took the banjo fitting off, threaded the bolt back in, primed it, and got no fuel movement out of the bolt. It seems this should have at least produced a dribble of fuel. I'm wondering if I reassembled wrong after I initially removed it to check for blockage. Now there is no fuel at the two rear injectors either. I ordered what appears to be a 3-ring bound old shop manual from Ebay covering the 505TD, and it should arrive tonight. I hope it gives me a quick reference, and if it has anything really good I'll share photos with the forum. Thanks, Bill
  25. https://www.gullwingmotorcars.com/1967-peugeot-404-cabriolet-c-3991.htm Not a lot if info, just some pics:
  26. Website is broken for now. You can still contact me for parts by phone or email. Miles Potter Western Hemispheres / Pieces International 150 W Lake Ave Watsonville CA 95076 tel: 831-786-9347 email: [email protected] They are still in business from the looks of it but the website is still down for an unstated reason.
  27. V-M

    Great job!

    Good to hear for new stuff, we will see what summer will bring and what manage to do. Bit of taste italian here ;) 20190930_171053.mp4
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